Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why are the 700c Rock ‘n Road tire not “Tubeless Compatible” and the 650b are?

                      So, here’s the thing...  The brand new 650b tires have a specifically designed “Tubeless Compatible” bead.  When we had the 700c tire mold made three years ago, tubeless 700c tires were not being made by Panaracer.  However, even though the 700c Rock ‘n Road tire is not made with a “tubeless compatible” bead, everyone from Panaracer, Stan’s No Tube, Mike Varley of Black Mountain Cycles and pretty much every body we know runs them tubeless. In fact we have not heard of a single case in which they didn’t work, and to boot most people prefer to run them this way. So to answer the question can they be run tubeless, yes they can be.  Will we stand behind them as a “Tubeless Compatible” tire - No, due to the current legal system and the propensity to be sued over minute details.

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