Friday, January 23, 2015

Second in a series of Bruce Gordon's Personal Bikes

This is the Second in the Series about my Collection of Bikes. This Collection includes every bike I have made for myself since 1974.  They will not be in chronological order, but they are all on display above my storefront.  The collection is about 24 bikes and 5 frames spanning 1974 to present. All with the “State of the Art” parts at the time it was built.  All but one has the original paint jobs.  The second bike I have chosen is a orange city bike Bike I made December 1980.
            For the “Fixie Kids”, who think they invented fixed gears, this was my Commuter Bike in December of 1980 that was a Super Record Fixed Gear Track Bike, with fenders, a front rack, front brake, and generator lights, where the wires ran through the tubes.  It is Columbus PS tubing, with Cinelli lugs.  This has lugs with asymmetrical holes that have been a trademark of my frames since 1977.  About the frame:  66cm (center to center) seat tube, 74 head angle, 73 seat angle, 57.5cm (center to center) top tube, 41cm chain stays, 3.6cm rake, 6.5cm drop.
            This frame seems big, but those were the days before mountain bikes when seat posts were 180mm and all stems angled down. Now with modern 350mm seat post and up angled stems I ride a much smaller frame.
This was the Model for our Logot-shirts, which we made smaller with the magic of Photoshop. A fixed gear bike with a front brake is all you need.  I am not a proponent of fixed gears with no brakes on the road. I’ve made 4 or 5 city bikes through the years and I like making bikes specifically for commuting.  Currently, my idea of a city bike is a road bike from the 70s with fenders, upright bars, rack, lights and a bell.  We will review other city bikes I have built for myself in the future.
Attached are a couple of photos from the New York Show around 1980.  One is of me with a Time Trial Bike, and the other is a smaller version (with Red Anodized Parts) of the commute bike featured here.

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  1. Thanks Bruce for sharing the pictures of your bikes plus the history of each one , this series is going to be great !


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