Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays to All

Happy Holidays to All 

I'm happy to announce that I will have the 650b x 43 Tubeless Compatible Rock 'n Road tires in the house on Tuesday December 30th 2014 (Hopefully)
They have been sitting on the dock in Oakland for a week.
I will be ready to ship by New Years day - You can order them via our online store -
They are currently on the store as "Coming Soon" - the moment I get them at the shop, I will make the link "In Stock" - both Blackwall & Skinwall.
Why not get a Bruce Gordon Logo t-shirt at the same time??
Again - HAPPY HOLIDAYS - whatever you choose to celebrate or not!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Monster Cross Rock 'n Road - DI2, Hydralic Discs, 650b x 43c tires

Bruce Gordon is jumping into the 21st Century with both feet.

Bruce Gordon Cycles will now be offering our Monster Cross in a DI2 Hydraulic Disc Version retailing for around $6000 + assembly.  We will be debuting our newest version of the Rock 'n Road Monster Cross at Sunday's Pizza Bike show at Una Pizza Napoletana.  We will be hanging out with all of the Bay Area Frame Builders as well a slew of other bike industry people.  We will be there showing off  our New Monster Cross Bike as well as selling our Famous Rock 'n Road Tires, T-Shirts, Toe Clips, and other Bruce Gordon accessories. Come party with us this Sunday and help us continue celebrating our favorite season, Cross Season.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bruce Gordon Presents

Here is a little video we put together to showcase both our Rock 'n Road Monster Cross and the Rock 'n Road Tires 700x43mm. (650b coming very, very soon)


Friday, November 21, 2014

New Bruce Gordon Logo T-Shirts

Our NEW T-Shirts are hot off the press, Its a line drawing of an original Lugged Bruce Gordon Fixed Gear Commute Bike from 1980, Yeah that's 34 years ago.  Lugged Steel is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Bruce Gordon's Classic Bikes, Now the luxury is available to the public through our new T-Shirts.

Not A Rebour Drawing done by: Ted De Long

Available for 20 Dollars (plus shipping) on our web store.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Monster Cross Season Has Begun!!!

Alex of White Industries picking up a new pair of tires.

Just wanted to say thanks again for setting me up with those tires, They have been fantastic. I first wanted them because I knew I would be riding my mountain bike (its a 29er) on the road a little more in the month of September due to a dumb bet I made with some friends. And I didn't want to go full slicks in case I decided I wanted to ride a few easy trails after work so I thought they would be a good compromise. Also I'm planning on getting a "monster cross" bike (what ever that is) in the not so distant future so I was planning after September I would put my old tires back on and save the R&R tires for the new bike. Well l got a little lazy and left them on so during last weekend's Meet Your Maker ride at China Camp I was pleasantly surprised how well they performed even under much more demanding MTB riding then I had planned to use them for. And they have been prefect for riding to the trails and back home after.  So moral of the story is for me they aren't really a compromise at all, and I will be coming back for another set when I get that new bike. 

Alec White of White Industries


 As we head into the cross season, we have been hearing a lot about our Rock n' Road tires lately . Here are just a few of the comments that we thought we would share in case your still not convinced on these amazing tires.

Bruce’s Rock N Road tires are iconic, much like his bikes.”

“Overall, as a gravel tire, there are few tires that match the Rock & Road when it comes to speed, traction and overall versatility in a wide variety of gravel conditions.”
(Matt Gersib, Gravel Grinder News)

“If you’re looking to step up your off-road game, but you still want to pound the pavement, the Rock ‘n Road is definitely a solid choice. If your local retailer doesn’t stock them, fear not–Bruce Gordon offers a killer bundle that includes two tires and three presta-valve tubes,” 

My initial perspective couldn’t have been further from the truth. On everything from technical, rocky ascents, to loamy singletrack, to rock-strewn fire roads to smoothly paved country roads, the Gordon skins handled it all like a champ. It would appear as though they have a far more durable compound to my favored, (and discontinued) Richey Zeds and were surprisingly nimble on the most challenging of terrain. I understand these are currently en route to Bruce’s shop, and if a really incredible all-arounder monster cross tire is something that might strike your fancy, I highly suggest you get in on the incoming shipment.”

“…a nice option for taking bigger-clearance cyclocross bikes into rougher terrain, or for the more adventuresome, a mountain bike race.”

“The tire adheres well on the loose, rocky off-road surfaces in the Bay Area hills. It descends with the precision and control of a full mountain bike tire, and it rolls fast and quiet on the road. Many experienced cyclists love this tire, and it deserves its reputation as one of the best all-rounders on the market.”

“If your frame can accept a 43mm tire and you want to get out and show those mountain bikers how it’s done, get the Bruce Gordon Rock n’ Road and enjoy the hell out of a great tire.”

Coming soon, 650b Rock n' Road tires available in the Same Colors & Tread as our 700c, both black and skin walled, tubeless compatible bead, and Free Shipping on all tires including the 700c x43 tires within the United States.

                  Get your set of Rock n' Road tires today!!! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Updated Brick & Mortar Store Front

     Well, we've been busy here at Bruce Gordon Cycles over the last couple of weeks. Today we just built three new shelves in our display room and are pondering whose merchandise we would like to show to our customers.  Below is a list of companies that we already endorse and sell their products, but we thought it would be nice if we got a little feed back from the fans on what kind of bicycle brands you would like to buy off our shelves! We have a few admirable stipulations though...  Companies must make their components/products in their own factories. Companies pay their employees decent wages, and very importantly the product must be high quality and stylish. We understand that products like these are harder to come by these days, but hey thats what Bruce Gordon Cycles is all about, Sustainable Quality.

White IndustriesPaul ComponentsPhil Wood, ThomsonBrooks2 FishKing CageCrane BellsSpurcycleHonjoFix it Stix, Loyal Bags, ChueyBrand Hats , Cedar Clothing, NewBaums Tape, and of course all the things we make here in the shop at Bruce Gordon Cycles.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Winters Coming Soon, Are You Ready?

Hey everybody, we're officially back in the shop from a whirlwind of shows around the country! So, as you can imagine we've turned the machines back on and are milling as you read... 

Well the BIG NEWS this year is about our very own, Rock 'n Road Tires.  This year we're getting 650b tubeless compatible tires in both Black and Skin-wall colors, the same colors as our 700x43 models. They have been ordered and are expected to arrive in December.  In case you've never had the joy of riding our 43mm wide all surface tire, you truly are missing out.  They are exactly that, a joy.  In fact they shine like no other tires we've ridden. (assuming we cleaned them after we ride) 

FAIR WARNING though, this Saturday we'll be increasing our tire price to $57 - so order now while the gettin' is good, and get ready for winter today!

Now With Free Shipping Within The USA On All Tire Orders

Thanks to Mike Varley from Black Mountain Cycles for putting together this years di2 hydraulic disc 650b x 43 Rock n' Road Monster Cross that we displayed at Interbike this week. It was a huge success and a great time down in Las Vegas.  But, just like every other year it means that the time to hit the drawing board has arrived. (Click the link above to see this years Monster Cross at Mike's shop)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hey everyone, we're in the throws of launching the new webpage!!! Currently our ip address is being re-routed to the new webpage from the for the next 48 hours or so you may encounter a error message. we're sorry for the inconvenience but here the secondary address if you just can't wait to see.....
        Bruce Gordon Cycles

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Who wants a 650b x 43 Bruce Gordon Gravel Grinder that will be show at Interbike 2014???

I am jumping into the 21st Century.

We will be showing a Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Road Gravel Grinder at the Interbike Show in
Las Vegas in September.

It will have the first tubeless 650b x 43 Rock 'n Road tires on 650b Stan's Grail Tubeless Rims
Custom rolled for the show.

Parts will be a Shimano Ultegra group with Hydraulic Disc Brakes with STI levers for disc brakes and it will be Electronic Shifting DI2.

I am going to cut the tubes late next week - So if someone wants it their size, I need to know right away.  I am offering the bike at a discount.  It will be $5000 if someone orders it before I cut the tubes.
After the show, a bike with this kind of setup will be close to $6000.  Anyone interested please give me  call.

Bruce Gordon

Friday, July 4, 2014

NEWS from Bruce Gordon Cycles

Happy Fourth of July to all in the USA.
I am just here to make a blog post -then off for a Bike Ride.

I finished the stem for my new lugged Rock 'n Road frame.  There is only one other Lugged Rock 'n Road frame in existence - I made it for myself 26 years ago. (pictured below)

I'm making progress - the Lugs are done

The finished bike will be part of the BAMF Show in Highpoint North Carolina in September.  
       Then I don't have to make another for another 26 years.

News about Rock 'n Road Tires
There is another shipment of tires that will ship from Japan this month.
Unfortunately Panaracer has raised the price a little after almost 3 years - so the new shipment of tires will have to will have to be at a slightly higher price

The good news is that the remaining stock is at the current price of $50 each - so get them while they last!!

More News about Tires.
There is a mould being made for a 650b x 43 Rock 'n Road tire being made with the exact same tread pattern.  I should have samples in time for Interbike in Las Vegas.  Production tires should be available around the end of the year.  They will have a "Tube Less Compatible" bead.

Other Tire related News.
We are jumping into the 21st Century - The first 650b "Gravel Grinder" Rock 'n Road bike will not only be tubeless - but, will be DI2 (Electronic Shifting).
Also Stan's is going to roll up some 650b versions of their new rim -

Enough news for now - I'm going to eat lunch and go for a bike ride, then watch some fireworks - It is after all July 4th

Bruce Gordon

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bruce Gordon Cycles Ride Sunday June 15th

Bruce Gordon Cycles
Invites you to a Casual Ride in the Beautiful Scenic Petaluma Countryside

Sunday June 15th 2014  -  Be there at 9:00am
Bruce Gordon Cycles
409 Petaluma Blvd South
Petaluma, CA  94952
(707) 762-5601 - - Please RSVP so we know how many are coming

The Rock 'n Road Tire & 3 Tube Deal is On Sale until the ride June 15th

FREE Shipping in the USA.  (You save $12.50 on the package)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bruce Gordon Panniers in Stock


As the title says - I have 3 Sets of Bruce Gordon Cycles Panniers in Stock.
This is rare, because they usually take 8 to 12 weeks to have made.  They have a Super Mounting System that fits only on our racks - Sorry they do not fit other racks.   All other panniers available have mounting systems that try to fit all racks - so - they don't fit any racks exactly.  The best mounting system I could come up with is to make the system fit only our racks.

They are available at the Current Prices - $325 per racks worth.
On February 1, 2014 the price will rise about 10% along with the pricing on frames, bikes & racks.

So, if you have been thinking of getting some - now is the time.  You get them at the current price, and they are in stock for immediate delivery!!!  (Still trying to get our pages to work with Safari - but it all works great with Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer)

Also - Just Arrived - a fresh stock of 700x43 Rock 'n Road Tires with the Black Sidewalls.
I have plenty of Skin Sidewall ones - but, I was down to one Black Sidewall in stock - talk about "Just in Time Inventory".

Bruce Gordon