Saturday, July 6, 2013

Prolly Tire Review

John Watson over at PINP published a very nice review of our Rock 'n Road tires this week and the comments section has some great positive feedback too.  These tires have been all over the place!  We have both the blackwall and skinwall tires in stock, check out the online store to order.

Photo Credit: John Watson

Monday, July 1, 2013

Rare 44cm BLT for Sale (Hardly Used)

As the title says - I am selling a Rare 44cm Taiwanese BLT for a friend.
I'm not making any $$$ off the sale and there will be no California Sales Tax.
I have been out of stock of this size for a year or more, and there will be no more coming.

The bike cost $1725 + $ 300 assembly when new.
It is for sale to the first person who wants to pick it up for $1500 total.
This price is for someone to pick it up in Petaluma - I do not want to pack it up.

It has been ridden about 100 miles with no touring.  The woman who owns it decided she won't be going touring in the forseeable future, so, she wants me to build her a more "Race like Gravel Grinder".

It is a 26" wheel bike.  It has a virtually new 9 speed Shimano LX group - includes Front and Rear Bruce Gordon racks (made in Petaluma).  It has a 9cm 15 degree rise stem.
Complete bike minus pedals and water bottle cages.

If it was a level top tube bike it would be a 54.4cm frame center to center.
It has a "Virtual Top Tube length of 54.0cm center to center.

If you are interested - please give me a call (707) 762-5601 - PLEASE NO EMAILS!!!!

P.S. - I have a few New Taiwanese BLT's left for sale - 3 of the 52cm BLT's and 3 of the 56cm BLT's left in stock - when they are gone, they are gone.

Bruce Gordon