Sunday, July 27, 2014

Who wants a 650b x 43 Bruce Gordon Gravel Grinder that will be show at Interbike 2014???

I am jumping into the 21st Century.

We will be showing a Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Road Gravel Grinder at the Interbike Show in
Las Vegas in September.

It will have the first tubeless 650b x 43 Rock 'n Road tires on 650b Stan's Grail Tubeless Rims
Custom rolled for the show.

Parts will be a Shimano Ultegra group with Hydraulic Disc Brakes with STI levers for disc brakes and it will be Electronic Shifting DI2.

I am going to cut the tubes late next week - So if someone wants it their size, I need to know right away.  I am offering the bike at a discount.  It will be $5000 if someone orders it before I cut the tubes.
After the show, a bike with this kind of setup will be close to $6000.  Anyone interested please give me  call.

Bruce Gordon

Friday, July 4, 2014

NEWS from Bruce Gordon Cycles

Happy Fourth of July to all in the USA.
I am just here to make a blog post -then off for a Bike Ride.

I finished the stem for my new lugged Rock 'n Road frame.  There is only one other Lugged Rock 'n Road frame in existence - I made it for myself 26 years ago. (pictured below)

I'm making progress - the Lugs are done

The finished bike will be part of the BAMF Show in Highpoint North Carolina in September.  
       Then I don't have to make another for another 26 years.

News about Rock 'n Road Tires
There is another shipment of tires that will ship from Japan this month.
Unfortunately Panaracer has raised the price a little after almost 3 years - so the new shipment of tires will have to will have to be at a slightly higher price

The good news is that the remaining stock is at the current price of $50 each - so get them while they last!!

More News about Tires.
There is a mould being made for a 650b x 43 Rock 'n Road tire being made with the exact same tread pattern.  I should have samples in time for Interbike in Las Vegas.  Production tires should be available around the end of the year.  They will have a "Tube Less Compatible" bead.

Other Tire related News.
We are jumping into the 21st Century - The first 650b "Gravel Grinder" Rock 'n Road bike will not only be tubeless - but, will be DI2 (Electronic Shifting).
Also Stan's is going to roll up some 650b versions of their new rim -

Enough news for now - I'm going to eat lunch and go for a bike ride, then watch some fireworks - It is after all July 4th

Bruce Gordon