Sunday, November 6, 2016

Don't forget about Rock 'n Road Tires

Our Rock 'N Road tires are the original fat tire, gravel grinder, adventure bike, yadda-yadda tire that was introduced close to 28 years ago. Still the best all around tire out there, in our opinion. And the best deal out there at $57.00 a piece, with free shipping. Buy yourself a pair now at .

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In Spirit at Interbike Las Vegas

I guess my booth mates miss me

My friend Ron Andrews taking a snooze on my shoulder.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

News from Bruce Gordon Cycles - Complete Repair Department

I'm glad to announce that Tim Nicholls has joined my Crew.
Tim is an Expert Mechanic who does all kinds of repairs and tuneups.  In addition he has been putting up with me and my broken kneecap from a slow speed bike accident - nobodys fault but my own.

Tim can fix up any bike from an Old Huffy to a Modern Full Suspension Bike or a High End Race Bike.  And there is a quick turn around.   The Picture above is Mark Edwards who has been complaining about a noise on his one speed - Tim found it and fixed it and cleaned the whole bike - so Mark is a Happy Single Speeder.  Give Tim a call at the shop at (707) 762-5601.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Bike Rides Good - Bike Crashes - Bad

 It has been almost a week since my bike accident.  It will be a long road to recovery.  I am so in debt to Tim Nicholls (Bruce Gordon Cycles - New Employee  &  Mechanic)  He is really keeping things going at the Shop and helping me as I am trying to recover from my accident, but it will be between 4 to 6 months.
I hope to be in a wheelchair next week and be able to wheel down to the shop and oversee things.
Until then Tim is taking care of me and the shop - and is doing a Great Job and I am forever in debt to him and his wife Rebecca.

Tires are in stock as well as other products, and Tim is shipping them out as fast as usual.  He is doing Repairs and as well as other stuff including Sales at the Shop - so if you have any questions,  please give him a call at the Shop - (707) 762-5601.
If he is unable to answer your questions - he will ask me and get back to you.  At this time I am not taking any New Frame orders until I get back to normal - hopefully soon.

Tim is riding his New Gravel Grinder Bruce Gordon bike with Tubeless Mounted Rock 'n Road Tires.   This bike was reviewed on our blog at -

Sunday, August 7, 2016

NEW Mechanic at Bruce Gordon Cycles

I'm partnering up with Bruce Gordon, I plan on extending my love and passion to the rest of the cycling community near and far. We will be offering a complete, full service, top notch bicycle repair shop based out of the current location that houses Bruce’s frame shop, retail storefront and collection of his personal bikes from the last 42 years. Services will include, tune-ups large and small, custom wheel builds, suspension services and overhauls, complete refurbishing’s and much, much more.  Plus, with the attached frame shop and paint booth, we can create that special something you’ve always dreamt about. Plus, with just myself handling repairs, you can be confident that you will get the exact service and quality you expect. I can guarantee you will not find another repair service that oozes as much love and passion into everything we do. Truly a one of a kind shop and something everyone should see and experience. I look forward to meeting everyone who walks through the door and hearing your latest and greatest ride plans and adventures, and hope to share some of mine with you as well.  Now go ride your bike!

 Head/Sole Mechanic.
 -Past Experience

-Pacesetter Bikes, 1999-2001
   Service & Sales

-Performance Cyclery, 2001-2003
    Service & Sales

-Marzocchi Suspension
    Technical Support & Warranty, 2003-2005

-Newhall Bicycle Company, 2005-2006

-Cynergy Cycles, 2006-2009

-The Bicycle Wheel, 2009

-Paul Component Engineering, 2009-2016
    Assembly, Machine Operator


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ride, Swap Meet & New Bike Repair Shop at Bruce Gordon Cycles

We are having a Ride & Swap Meet at our shop in Petaluma on July 23rd.

We will be doing a short (1-2hr) morning road ride then the Swap Meet in Bruce’s parking lot from 11 to whenever.

Those bringing stuff for the Swap Meet are: 

Bruce Gordon Cycles

Curtis Inglis of Retrotech 

Josh of Frances Cycles 

Cameron of Falconer Cycles 

Robert Ives of Blue Collar Bikes 

Steve Rex of Rex Cycles

Sean of Soulcraft Cycles

Rick Hunter - Hunter Cycles 

Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster Cycles

Maybe White Industries will be there if they are in town 

Bruce Gordon Cycles will be introducing our New Bicycle Repair Shop as well as our Collection of Bruce Gordon's Personal Bikes & Bike Shop.

Beer will be served if you are 21 years old or older.

Friday, June 10, 2016

14th in a Series of Bruce Gordon's Personal Bikes

It has been almost 9 months since I last posted the 13th in a Series, so I thought I would add another to the list.  This is a Steel Frame I made for the NAHBS Show in 2007.  It Won the "Best in Show" award that year.
It was made in January 2007 of tubing from different Manufacturers - Columbus, Reynolds, and Taiwan.  It has lugs I made out of ChromeMoly 4130 Tubing with the Wave Shaped Design that I have been doing for nearly 40 years, and a Pacenti Fork Crown.
The parts are from Shimano, a Bruce Gordon Titanium Pump, a Titanium Seatpost I made to fit the Old Campagnolo 2 Bolt parts.  The racks are also Bruce Gordon tubular Titanium.  It has 1 of 3 Sets of Bruce Gordon Titanium Cantilevers (I own 2 sets - the 3rd belongs to a guy in San Francisco), Bruce Gordon Carbon Fenders & a Brian Baylis Paint Job (he passed away earlier this year - I miss him a lot).
The Geometry on the frame is:  72.5 degree Head Tube,  73 degree Seat Tube, 4.8cm Fork Rake,  61cm Seat Tube, and a 58.5cm Top Tube,  43.5cm Chainstays and 7.5 cm Drop.
It is on display with the rest of my Collection of Bikes at my shop - You are welcome to visit the shop and see my collection, but, please call ahead because I'm not always here.

Friday, May 13, 2016

All Black Panniers for Sale!!!

Phil Woolsey (the guy from Loyal Bags that makes our Panniers in Berkeley California) made a bikes worth of "All Black" Panniers.
There is a Large Pair (2200) for the Rear Bruce Gordon Racks,  and a pair of Small (1400) for the Front Lowrider Bruce Gordon Low Front Racks

I think they look Great - What do you think???
If people like them, we will make more.

Right now these are ready for sale - both front and rear - sold together as a whole bikes worth.
Please give me a call if you want them at (707) 762-5601.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Friend Brian Baylis has passed away

Brian Baylis passed away 2/20/16 - Joe Bell called to tell me the horrible news last night.
Brian was a friend in the Bike Business for as long as I can remember.
Having moved on to his next endeavor of hand making knifes - he stayed with me at my house last summer while taking a Knife Making Class on the Northern California Coast.  He gave me the knife pictured - which now means the world to me.
Like everything, he was a master of everything he made.  He had a certain style that was visible in all his bike frames as well as his knifes.

He will be missed by all who knew him.

Bruce Gordon

Friday, February 19, 2016

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.

What started with the best intentions, has ended with a mutual resolution to discontinue efforts to join our two businesses. I wish Tom and Sarah nothing but the best in their future ventures. I will see everybody at NAHBS!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Open House was a Real Success - Now to building and riding Schnozolas

We had a good weekend here at Bruce Gordon Cycles. On Saturday we had the open house welcoming Sarah and Tom Swallow, of Swallow Bicycle Works, to the shop space. They are now open for business! Contact the shop to schedule service, or drop in to see what's going on. 

On Sunday, Paul Sadoff hung around to build Schnozola #5, a loaded touring bike, to be shown at NAHBS 2016, in Sacramento California February 26-28. Sarah was around to take some photos of the build process. 

When we were done, we went for a brief ride on Schnozola #2 and a Bruce Gordon Gravel Grinder down by the Petaluma River at Schollenberger Park. See you at NAHBS 2016!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Open House at Bruce Gordon Cycles

We are having an Open House to welcome Sarah & Tom Swallow to California.
They are joining Bruce Gordon Cycles and will be a great addition.

Come and meet them Saturday February 6, 2016 at our Open House - See the flyer above for the particulars.