Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I can't believe it!!! A Modern Gravel Grinder Rock 'n Road Bike

I have just finished a "Modern Gravel Grinder"
It has a Tapered Headtube with a Enve Cyclecross Fork, Tubeless Rock 'n Road tires on
Pacenti CL25 rims,  TRP - HY/RD - Cable/Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
The parts are SRAM CX-1 - 1 by 11 group.
And of course our "Famous Rust Paint Job"

A complete bike equipped like this one would be $5300 to $5600

It is a 51cm center to center seat tube frame with a 57cm top tube and an 11cm Thomson Stem.
And the best part - it is for sale - come check it out.


  1. nice bike as always bruce ! curious,why sloping top tube?what does that beauty weigh? though its a wee bit small for you,how does it ride?

  2. I use a sloping top tube on most of my bikes these days - it allows for a higher handlebar and more stand over clearance when off road. As equipped the bike weighs just under 21 pounds. Yes - it is a bit small for me, but the gears and disc brakes work wonderful. I can build whatever you want - as all "Gravel Grinders" are custom made to the riders wants. Regards, Bruce Gordon