Saturday, June 17, 2017

First Ride in 10 Months & New Trike

This is my New Catrike.
It has been 10 months since my accident - I may never ride a 2 wheel bike - my balance is gone.  But I have decided that riding a Recumbent Trike has settled my balance problem.  So I bought one Made in the USA - it is a Cartrike.  I want to thank Catrike's David Whitmer & the shop who put it together Laid Back Cycles.
I rode the trail that I had my accident on - It was Great, not all that scary.

More Later.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Bruce Gordon Cycles is For Sale

Bruce Gordon Cycles is For Sale - I will be 69 years old the Middle of June 2017 and it is the time I retire from the day to day grind.
I will still sell the Rock 'n Road Tires.
I am looking for someone to buy and  take over Bruce Gordon Cycles and run it.
Included are all the products - Frames, Racks, Stems, Brakes, Tail Lights, Toe Clips, Pumps and the Museum of all the bikes I have made for myself since 1974 which numbers over 30.
Also included is 2 years and 10 months of the Lease with a 5 year possible renewal of the space which is over 4000 Square Feet.
Some of the equipment includes a Bridgeport Veritical Mill, a Horizontal Milwaukee Mill, a Lathe, Metal Saws (3), a 10 Horse Power Compressor, Rack Tube Cutting Machine,  Rack Bending Equipment,  Fixtures for Frames, Racks, Toe Clips, a Powder Coating Set Up, Inventory and Many Other Things.
I will be available to help out in getting acclimated.
Anyone interested - Please give me a call (707) 762-5601

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Up to my Eyeballs in Rock 'n Road Tires

As the title says - I'm up to my eyeballs in Rock 'n Road tires.  All sizes and colors are in stock for immediate delivery.
You can order them Online at 3 in the morning in your underwear.   I ship orders that come in by Noon the same day via the US Postal Service - after noon, they go out the next day.
You can order the by going to our Web Store with PayPal at -

P.S. - I am still looking for someone to take over Bruce Gordon Cycles - It is a turn key operation that includes the Bruce Gordon parts, accessories & frames as well as the Lease, Storefront, Office, and Manufacturing Facilities.  Anyone interested - please give me a call to discuss.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Update from Bruce Gordon Cycles

It has been since the middle of August 2016 when I had my slow speed bike accident, broke my kneecap and my last post.
I’ve gone from a wheelchair to a walker to a cane, and I think I’m going to use the cane for the rest of my life.

So – what is the future of Bruce Gordon Cycles?

I’m slowing down and thinking about retiring in a few years.  But, for now I’m back at work (Slowly) and am thinking I will make 3 or 4 bikes a year.  Rock ‘n Road tires are shipped out the same day the orders arrive, as well as other products we have on our onlinestore website.

The bikes will be built to measure and take some time – Please give me a call at the shop to discuss your needs.

Bruce Gordon