Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tire Test

Here's Nick's review of our amazing Rock 'n Road tire:

"Last weekend's group ride was an excellent opportunity for me to take the Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Road tires out for a test spin.  Here was a ride that had it all: smooth stretches of well-kept blacktop, rolling gravel fire roads, chunky granite climbs, and sloppy, muddy singletrack with a few hairy switchbacks.  I threw pretty much everything available at the Rock 'n Roads, and they did not disappoint. 
The test bike, a custom offroad tourer by Bruce Gordon.

Let me first say that I'm biased when it comes to 29er tires.  I like them fat.  So when I try on a skinnier pair of tires- and I know calling a 43mm tire 'skinny' sounds ridiculous- I don't expect them to perform as well as my usual Ralphs, Nanos or Ardents.  But the Rock 'n Roads soaked up the hits as well as any fat tire, they didn't lose traction uphill, and they felt solid in the corners.  I was frankly surprised by how well they performed off-road.

They were even better on the paved roads.  Getting to and from the park has always been a bit of a pain in the ass when I'm riding 2.2"-or-wider knobbies.  But the Rock 'n Roads were fast-rolling, especially considering their aggressive tread.  They felt nimble on the descents and confident in corners.  It was inspiring to watch Mike Varley, on his Rock 'n Road-shod bike, tuck and bomb our last descent  with grace and precision.  

The Rock 'n Road is a great all-arounder, jack-of-all-trades type of tire and would be especially well-suited to mixed terrain rides, bike camping, or any other kind of on- and off-road adventure.  They also happen to be damn handsome.  I wholeheartedly and sincerely recommend these tires." 

If you'd like to get some Panaracer + Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Road tires for yourself, order them directly from us!

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