Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sale on 27.5 or 650b x 43 Rock 'n Road Tires

We have more coming because I'm having more made to go to Circles Bicycles & BlueLug Cycles in Japan.  I'm having a SALE on the 27.5 (or as I call them 650b x 43c) tires.  They will be on sale until Saturday October 31st - Halloween.  I'm putting them on sale to introduce this size to all the people who are riding newer 27.5 mountain bikes or anyone who is riding a bike that will accept 650b x 43 tires.  There is much talk on the "Interweb" about putting bigger tires on 650b bikes.

 Please take measurements to see if they will fit!!!

I have both Skinwall or Blackwall - and they are "Tubeless Compatible".

They will be on SALE until Saturday October 31st - Halloween they will be $50 each including shipping

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

13th in a Series of Bruce Gordon's Personal Bikes

This is my "Over the Top" City Bike and one of my favorites.
I made it in July 2004 for Interbike.  It is like my Last City Bike (previous post) on Steroids.  It is made with Cinelli Stamped Steel Lugs that I finished the edges in my Traditional Wave Pattern,  I made a Lugged Stem to match and a Wagner Fork Crown which I also modified.  The geometry is 73 degrees parallel, 4.8 cm fork rake, 42.5 cm chainstays,  61 cm seat tube and a 58 cm top tube.  Like the last City Bike it has a Union Generator by the bottom bracket which is turned on and off by a lever on the left side of the seat tube.

It is equipped with a 10 speed Shimano Dura-ace parts.

I turned down a 50 tooth Dura-Ace chainring to make a Custom Chainguard.  Because I felt the Black Plastic Strapless Toeclips looked cheap,  I made the First Bruce Gordon Strapless Clips which are still available today.

The Seat tube is one piece from the Bottom Bracket to the Seat with a steel top I made to accept Campagnolo seat post parts.  It is not adjustable - but cool.

I made a Titanium Headlight holder and ran the lighting wires through the frame tubes and the rear rack.

It has Honjo Hammered fenders and Custom Titanium Handlebars bent by Chris Paretich of Axis Machine.

My favorite features are the Titanium Rear Rack & Titanium Baskets.  Please don't ask me to make more because I doubt you can afford them.  I know they are small, but, I just need to carry a few clothes, a bottle of wine, bread and cheese.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

12th in a Series of Bruce Gordon's Personal Bikes

I like City Bikes - I thought it is time to spotlight my Personal City Bikes.  The first one I made was featured as my Second in the Series -
This is the second one.  After going to Switzerland a few times and sitting having coffee, I noticed everyone riding bikes.  In Switzerland almost all City Bikes have Fenders, a Bell, Straight Handlebars, a Rear Rack, Lights and a Bell.  Many were older racing bikes (like the bikes I made in the 1970's) with the above modifications.  So when I came back to the US - I decided to make one for myself.  I used a Union Generator Light where the generator is mounted behind the bottom bracket with a lever on the seat tube to turn it on.  You can see the setup in the following photos.

It was built in July 1997.  It had a Sachs Plasma 8 speed rear derailleur, and a Sachs Twist Grip.  I equipped it with a Single Chainring with an Older Cook Brothers Crank and a Spot Brand Chainring and Chainguard.  It had Paul Components Motolite brakes and Levers, Titanium Straight Flat Bars.
It has Specialized Pedals and Ugly Black Plastic Strapless Toe Clips.  After this bike I decided to make a better looking  Bruce Gordon Tubular Stainless Strapless Toe Clips
It is one of the few Fillet Brazed frames I have made.
The angles are 73 degree parallel, it has a 58cm center to center Seat Tube, 57.5cm Top Tube, 42.5cm Chainstays, 7cm Drop, and 4.8cm Fork Rake.
It is like the road bikes I used to build in the 1970's only with Flat Handlebars and fittings to make it usable for city riding - day or night - rain or shine.

I really like making and riding City Bikes.  The next installment will be a Lugged Framed City Bike with all the Bells & Whistles - One of my Favorites