Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year

On January 1, 2011, many of you will wake up with a list of changes you'd like to make in your lives.  Perhaps you'll pledge to get more fit, quit a vice or two, eat better food, or ride your bicycle more often.

Those first three resolutions can take some serious commitment and planning.  But riding your bicycle more often is easy to do.  It's just a matter of making your daily bicycle more rideable.

When I say "daily bicycle", I mean the ol' workhorse, the town-, country-, or city-bike.  Something that's just right for riding to get your groceries, going on a spin around the neighborhood or to the next town over.

For those purposes, a "get on and go" bike is really the best thing- there's no need to change into bike gear!  All you need is a bicycle that you can ride immediately, with no planning and no hassle.

Some people swear by big, heavy, shin-destroying mountain bike pedals.  Some people insist that walking around in their SPDs isn't all that bad.  For those of you who know better, we suggest the Stainless Strapless Clips, HERE (Scroll down to the sixth item on the accessories page) or the Stainless Strapless Boot Clips, HERE .  They are $72 + shipping and handling, which is not very expensive considering they are the very best quality clips you can buy and they're made HERE in the USA.

For those of you who are looking for a proper town-, country-, or city-bike, we've been setting up the BLT with parts for those purposes, and it's looking really nice.  More to come on that in the first week of 2011.

Now, in keeping with my pledge to keep the BGlog updated with New Old Stuff (NOS), here are a few pages from the July 1982 issue of Playboy Magazine, featuring a Bruce Gordon road bike which "exudes clean lines and subdued elegance... crafted, like a custom suit, to a buyer's specifications":

Also, if you haven't yet done so, check out the BG Cycles Facebook page.  I'm cross-posting a bit of stuff here to there and vice-versa, but there are some photos and ephemera that are only on the FB page, which you can find HERE.

Thanks for reading and have a great New Year's Eve.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


This is Nick in the office at BG Cycles.  I've been making the trip to Petaluma every Saturday to work on the blog and the NEW Facebook page.  I'll be updating as often as possible, at least once a week if not more, with pictures and video, interviews, old articles and photographs, new projects and peeks into the shop, and a lot of other crap that might tickle your fancy. 

For starters, here's an article from Bicycling magazine (March 1979).  This article is a couple of years older than I am, which is one of the reasons I find it so wonderful.  Bruce has been building functional and beautiful bicycles since 1974, and he continues to do so without any pretension or marketing panache. 

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

So bookmark this page, add Bruce Gordon Cycles on Facebook, and call the shop if you have any questions.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Products at Bruce Gordon Cycles

I have added a New Model to my line of Strapless Toe Clips.

After riding my new Towne Bike with the White Industries pedals and my Stainless Clips, I noticed that the "High Toe Box" shoes I wear to work (Keen Austins) were too tall in the toe to comfortably fit the Stainless Strapless Clips.

So, I made some clips with a bigger radius at the front to accomodate the larger toed shoes.

I call them my "Boot Clips"

See the pictures below

They are the same price as the Standard Clips - $72 + shipping and handling

Click on images for larger view

Also - the "Cool Bullet Tail Lights" are back in stock - and they are improved.
Previous models were meant to mount on the left side of the bike.                   
Now, they can be mounted on either right or left side, and have the same appearance.

The cost is the same $38 + shipping and handling  (only one shipping charge when you order several items)

Click on image for larger view

The Bruce Gordon Cantilever Brakes are back in stock (both versions), and they are less expensive
$299.00 for 2 wheels with Linkwires + shipping and handling.

They will be the subject of my next Blog Post - along with pictures. 
So, bookmark this page and check back.
Also, our new Web Page is getting closer to being ready.

Bruce Gordon

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bruce Gordon Low Riders for Surly LHT

Because we have had so many requests of Front  Low Racks for Surly's, Treks and other frames with mid-fork brazeons that are apporximately 165mm from the drop out eyelet,  we now have a NEW Model.      The upper Stainless Steel mounting plate is adjustable up and down to facilitate getting the top of the rack level.

They are ready to go - $175 + shipping and handling

Now you can get Bruce Gordon Racks to fit your frame without clamps.

Any questions - feel free to give us a call (707) 762-5601

Thursday, June 10, 2010


And you can get one on sale!!

We are putting our New Taiwanese BLT touring frames on SALE till the end of June.

The BLT Frame and Rack Packages are on sale and ready to ship almost instantly.

The package includes a Frame, Fork, Headset, and Stem (made in Taiwan) + Front and Rear Racks made in our shop in California.  You get all this for the $795 + shipping and handling.  You can get Black or Blue Racks.
That puts it at the same price as the Surly LHT, but, we feel it is a better design for Loaded Touring

There are also a few Shimano LX parts packages that can build up a complete bicycle with racks (except pedals) for $1499 again + shipping and handling

Since we are having a Sale - I have also decided to discount our 4130 Chrome Moly Tubular Racks. 
The Rear Rack is $145 (with extension Hoop on back - $160)
The Front Lowrider Rack is $125
Prices are good through the end of June and are + shipping and handling.

P.S.  Tubus Racks may still be a little cheaper, but, ours are NOT Made in China!

Bruce Gordon

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bruce Gordon goes Carbon Fiber!!

Mike Lopez, Joe Bell, Bruce Gordon, & Chris Hayes

Here is the story about the Titanium Lugged – Carbon Tube 650B Bike

This is my first Carbon Tube Frame; it was made with the assistance of many great people.
I worked previously with Mike Lopez of Serotta Composites on a disc brake carbon fork for last year’s show bike. We talked about doing a complete carbon tube frame. I was intrigued, because I had never ridden a Carbon tube frame in my size.
We chose a 650B frame because I did not have one,
I fabricated the Titanium lugs, dropouts, etc., and Mike Lopez made the tubing required. We decided to try making a Titanium Crown with Carbon fork blades, along with Carbon Fenders.
Being the third bonded frame I have made, it was no longer a mystery, however, with Mike’s input I learned some of the finer points of carbon and bonding that has taken Mike 30 years + to master.
I machined the lug parts from solid Titanium bar stock. Mike machined the fork crown to a design I worked out with Ross Shafer. All the Titanium parts took about 15 pounds of solid titanium – so there was a lot of lathe and mill work and a bunch of titanium chips to be recycled.
I am very interested in making frames with Classic Aesthetics and Modern Materials, and it doesn’t get any more modern than Titanium and Carbon Fiber. Both Mike and I have spent 2 months to make this bike, so please don’t ask the price, I don’t have an answer.
For you History Fans – the frame was bonded on Mike’s Table which was the same table that the First Lugged Carbon tube frame that Mike and Mark Dinucci of Specialized Bicycles made about 22 years ago.
I would like to thank the many people who helped make this bicycle possible. First and foremost, Mike Lopez and his crew at Serotta Composites, Chris Hayes (Welder Extraordinaire), Ross Shafer (for CAD work), Jason Lilly (for laying up the fenders), Joe Bell (for Superbe Paint work on short notice), Sean Walling of Soulcraft, Mark Norstadt of Paragon Machine Works and Doug White of White Industries (for machining advice), David di Falco of di Falco Fabrications (for putting up with me and my mess).
I hope you enjoy our efforts – I can’t wait to go riding.
Bruce Gordon

Here are some detail pictures - comments welcome.

There are more pictures on my Flicker Site at:

Saturday, January 30, 2010

$1499 - Here is what you get!!!!!!

You can click on the photos for a Larger Image

This is the First Complete Taiwanese BLT I assembled from the Group Kits I received. Just got picked up this morning by a "Lucky Guy" from Alameda, CA.
Before it left I took the pictures above in our Professional Photo Studio (aka Garage Door).

There are 18 Group kits still available for the price of $1499 + shipping, and assembly.
Below is a List of the Parts included:

Crankset/Bottom Bracket - Shimano LX FC-T661 Hollowtech II 44/32/22 w/ Shimano bottom bracket
Derailleur Front - Shimano LX FD-T661
Derailleur Rear - Shimano LX RD-T661-SGS
Cassette - Shimano HG80 11-34
Chain - Shimano HG73
Handlebar - Kalloy 6061 26.0
Bar Tape - Velo Gel
Shifters - Shimano Dura Ace SL-BS77 9-speed
Brake Levers - Cane Creek SCR-5
Brakes - Shimano R550 Canti
Rims - Alex Adventurer 36h w/ CNC sidewall and stainless eyelet; 26” or 700c
Tires - Schwalbe Marathon Race; 26 x 1.5 or 700c x 35
Hubs - Shimano LX T660 36h, 135mm rear
Spokes - DT Champion 14g w/ brass nipples
Seat Post - Kalloy 26.8 x 350mm
Seat - WTB Speed V Comp

Any questions - feel free to give me a call (707) 762-5601

The 18 Whole Bikes, and Frame Packages are READY TO SHIP - get them while they're HOT!!

Bruce Gordon

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Before I get to the "Special Pricing" - the photo below proves that I do ride bikes (Well, at least I wear bike clothes).
The first person who can name 4 of the 5 people in the right order wins a "Coveted Bruce Gordon Touring Nerd Pocket Protector".
Sorry - The Woman in the picture not included!!

NOW, the BIG NEWS!!!
I have gotten special pricing on the Shimano LX Group Kits that will dock in Oakland California next Thursday January 14th. This kit includes everything to complete a touring bike except the Headset and Stem (which comes with the frame package). Pedals are extra.
There are 20 complete groups coming in - one is already sold - so there are 19 available.

The Whole Package including the Frame, Fork, Headset, Stem, and Bruce Gordon Racks front and rear is $1499 + shipping, handling and assembly.

We hope to be able to continue the same pricing in the future - but, it takes at least 90 days to get more parts.
There are plenty of frames in stock - but, there are only 19 Group Kits available.
Any questions - feel free to give me a call (707) 762-5601.

Bruce Gordon