Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Eighth in a Series of Bruce Gordon's Personal Bikes

This is the first Touring Bike I made for myself in June 1979.  That was back when frames all had level top tubes, 180mm Seatposts, and Down Sloping Stems so everyone rode a much larger frame.
This was the First Low Rider rack I made, along with a matching Low Rider Rear Rack.

The bike Originally had Eclipse Panniers & and Campagnolo Nuovo Record Parts.

The Front Low Racks are much the same design to this day.

The lugs are Old Stamped Steel Cinelli - the Bottom Bracket & and Fork Crown are Cinelli investment castings.  It is built with Columbus SP tubing and a 4130 Chromoly Seat Tube.

This is a very old version of the "Wave Shaped Cut Outs" which I still do today.
The frame was initially painted by Les Lunas of the Miracle Paint Co. - it was restored to original paint by Ed Litton Cycles.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Thought I'd include a picture of my thumb

700c x 43 Skinwall are here. All sizes 700c x 43 and 650b x 43 are ready to ship in Skinwall and Blackwall - order them here -http://brucegordoncycles.bigcartel.com/ca…/rock-n-road-tires

Friday, June 12, 2015

Seventh in a Series of Bruce Gordon's Bikes

This frame was the second one I built for myself in June 1977.  Like the Gold one I used the parts on it for my next frame (the pink bike I rode at the Eroica in Paso Robles - http://brucegordoncycles.blogspot.com/2015/01/the-first-of-series-on-bruce-gordons.html)  
It was the first one I built that had a fixed seat post/seat tube.
I made a steel version of the Campagnolo Seat Post top that took the 2 bolt pieces from a Campagnolo seat post.  The seat tube was an .035 4130 Chromoly tube that went from the Bottom Bracket to the Seat Post clamp.  I could not adjust the Seat height, but, it was Cool.
It was Columbus SP tubing except the Seat Tube and had Cinelli Stamped Steel Lugs.  This is the first bike I built myself that had the Graduated Asymmetric Holes in the lugs.  That is a design I still use on many of lugged bikes

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sixth in a Series of Bruce Gordon's Bikes - And WOW I've been in business for 39 years

Wow!!  I’ve been in business as Bruce Gordon Cycles for 39 years – I started out under my name in June 1976.  Before that I was Vice-President of Eisentraut Bicycles for 2 years.

I thought I would feature the First Bruce Gordon frame in the "Sixth of the Series on My Bikes".  Here is the first frame I built for myself in June 1976 – at that time I robbed the parts to equip my next frame.  I did this on the first couple of frames – then afterward I bought new parts.  All the frames and bikes I have built for myself since 1976 are on display in My Gallery at the shop.  Anyone who wishes to see them all in person – Please give me a call and set up a appointment.

I Welded Spear Points on the Lugs, Bottom Bracket, Fork and even the Pump Peg.
The frame details have evolved since the first frame, but, you can see the progressions.  It was built using Columbus Tubing, I started with Prugnat 62D lugs, and an early Cinelli MC fork crown.  
It was painted by Les Lunas of the Miracle Painting Co.

I’m still looking for someone to join me and help out – they will probably own Bruce Gordon Cycles in a few years.  Anyone interested – please give me a call.