Friday, June 12, 2015

Seventh in a Series of Bruce Gordon's Bikes

This frame was the second one I built for myself in June 1977.  Like the Gold one I used the parts on it for my next frame (the pink bike I rode at the Eroica in Paso Robles -  
It was the first one I built that had a fixed seat post/seat tube.
I made a steel version of the Campagnolo Seat Post top that took the 2 bolt pieces from a Campagnolo seat post.  The seat tube was an .035 4130 Chromoly tube that went from the Bottom Bracket to the Seat Post clamp.  I could not adjust the Seat height, but, it was Cool.
It was Columbus SP tubing except the Seat Tube and had Cinelli Stamped Steel Lugs.  This is the first bike I built myself that had the Graduated Asymmetric Holes in the lugs.  That is a design I still use on many of lugged bikes

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