Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sorry, but prices must rise after 6 years

I have put this off as long as I could, but prices must rise due to the increases of everything.  
My prices have been the same for over 6 years.  I will be increasing the price on bikes and racks by about 10% on February 1st 2014.  If anyone has been on the fence about getting one of my bikes or racks - now is the time.  The price on orders received before February 1st will be at the Old Prices.  Right now the delivery time on Rock 'n Road bikes is about 8 to 12 weeks - but that changes according to the number of orders.

The only items that will have the price increases are Bikes, Frames, and Racks.

The Sale on Tires Continues Until After New Years Day!

There is still "Free Shipping" on the 2 tire - 3 Innertube deal until the end of 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays

Paul Shin sent me this photo and caption
"I tried it in reverse and it seemed to be a bit better grinding uphill. By the way, the tire's been dubbed Rock n Snow'd, as it handles the white fluffy stuff just fine."

A great way to Wish Everyone a Great Holiday Season from Bruce Gordon Cycles

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rock 'n Road Tires on Sale until Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are over - We are having a Sale on our Rock 'n Road Tires until Christmas.  What you get is 2 Tires and 3 Inner Tubes and pay NO Shipping.  Why Three tubes?? -  because you always need a spare.
The whole package is $114.00 (plus Sales Tax if you are in California)

This is Sean Walling of Soulcraft Cycles in Petaluma mounting up his favorite tire (Rock 'n Road tires) on one of his Dirt Bombs.  Ask him about the tires - he swears by them, and has for 25 years!!

We also have Bruce Gordon Chuey Brand Hats, Bruce Gordon Logo Water Bottles, and SOPWAMTOS T-Shirts in stock as stocking stuffers.  If you want to bundle things together - Please give me a call  (707)762-5601 and I will work out a package deal price.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bruce Gordon Logo Stuff in Stock

Now that Our Grand Opening is over - it is time to get back to work.
Thanks to all those who attended and a Big Thanks to all that helped out.
Anyone who wants to visit the New Boutique Shop and Gallery upstairs is welcome, all I ask is that you call and make an appointment - (707) 762-5601, as I am not always here. 
There will be someone here regular business hours soon.

We now have some New Logo items on our store -

Chuey Brand Cotton Hat - These hats are made by Chuey in San Francisco and embroirdered in Petaluma.

Chuey Brand Wool Hat

Specialized BG Logo 21 ounce BPA Free Water Bottle - Made in the USA

Also we have replenished our supply of SOPWAMTOS Shirts.  We are working on getting the web site up again soon.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bruce Gordon's Bicycle Gallery and Boutique - The Grand Opening

Hello friends! We are very excited to invite you to the grand opening of our shop, the first time ever we've had a proper brick and mortar face to the business. It's been a long time dream to have this, and it is our hope that we can turn this space in to not only a fixture in our local community, but something unique that people will want to come from far and wide to see. The shop will feature not only our bikes, but a gallery of every bike Bruce has built himself over the last 40 years. We will be carrying products that adhere to our personal preference of things that are both high quality and manufactured by the same people who's name is on the product, not outsourced to nameless mega factories of questionable quality and care. We also have a full service shop, and will be able to help you with any sort of bike projects from standard tune ups, wheel building, custom bike builds and more. All this sharing the space where all of our bikes and products are made!

Anyway, we hope to see you October 26th to help us kick off this new chapter at Bruce Gordon Cycles!

PS. We will have beer. And Bruce might wear a fez. Come hang out, and bring all your friends! And please help us spread the word!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Our Remodel is finally done.
We have spent the past couple of months remodeling our Office and Showroom.  It was way more work than I expected, but I am very pleased and it was well worth it.
We have a new Feral Shop Cat named Fat Albert

After 37 years I finally have my own office.

Also we have enlarged our showroom and are starting a “Boutique” Bike Shop that will carry high end parts and components – such as White Industries, King Cage, Honjo, Nitto, Brooks, and many others.  We welcome any suggestions on parts that people think we should carry.

I’m also looking forward to having a Mechanic to do repairs, wheel building, and bike setup (anyone with experience who is interested in this opportunity – give me a call)

Also, I have added a gallery upstairs where I can display my collection of every bike I have built for myself since 1974.

There are 25 complete bikes and 6 frames – it is quite an interesting collection.  Everyone who has seen it has had the same reaction – WOW!!

I am hoping to find someone to partner with to run the new parts of the business, so I can get back to what I do best – making stuff.
This person must be “Computer & Interweb Marketing Savy”. 
If anyone is interested in this opportunity – please give me a call, or, send me an email with your number and I will call you.

I will be at the Interbike Show in Las Vegas from September 17th to the 20th at the King Cage Booth #1066.  Anyone who wants to talk – stop by.  
I will be back in the shop September 23rd     

Bruce Gordon

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Prolly Tire Review

John Watson over at PINP published a very nice review of our Rock 'n Road tires this week and the comments section has some great positive feedback too.  These tires have been all over the place!  We have both the blackwall and skinwall tires in stock, check out the online store to order.

Photo Credit: John Watson

Monday, July 1, 2013

Rare 44cm BLT for Sale (Hardly Used)

As the title says - I am selling a Rare 44cm Taiwanese BLT for a friend.
I'm not making any $$$ off the sale and there will be no California Sales Tax.
I have been out of stock of this size for a year or more, and there will be no more coming.

The bike cost $1725 + $ 300 assembly when new.
It is for sale to the first person who wants to pick it up for $1500 total.
This price is for someone to pick it up in Petaluma - I do not want to pack it up.

It has been ridden about 100 miles with no touring.  The woman who owns it decided she won't be going touring in the forseeable future, so, she wants me to build her a more "Race like Gravel Grinder".

It is a 26" wheel bike.  It has a virtually new 9 speed Shimano LX group - includes Front and Rear Bruce Gordon racks (made in Petaluma).  It has a 9cm 15 degree rise stem.
Complete bike minus pedals and water bottle cages.

If it was a level top tube bike it would be a 54.4cm frame center to center.
It has a "Virtual Top Tube length of 54.0cm center to center.

If you are interested - please give me a call (707) 762-5601 - PLEASE NO EMAILS!!!!

P.S. - I have a few New Taiwanese BLT's left for sale - 3 of the 52cm BLT's and 3 of the 56cm BLT's left in stock - when they are gone, they are gone.

Bruce Gordon

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blackwall Rock 'n Road Tires are in Stock!!

As the subject says- blackwall tires are in stock- they are available now on our store -

Also you can get the "3 Innertubes for the price of 2" Deal when you order a pair of either  skinwall or blackwall.
Two tires and 3 Presta innertubes are $114.00 + shipping.

Same tire, just different color sidewall.  There are plenty of skinwall tires available, and about 200 blackwall ones.

Just thought I would include the dimensions and clearances needed because people are always asking.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This post includes photos of Instructions that came with a Soma Frame bought by Ron Andrews of King Cage in Durango Colorado.  I actually phoned Ron because I thought it was a joke!!
He said the Head Tube and Seat Tube had not been reamed, the Bottom Bracket had not been faced.

Friday, May 10, 2013

First 25th Aniversary Original Gravel Grinder Rock 'n Road going out today

As the title says - the first of 10 Aniversary is on its way to Idaho today.

We also have a fresh load of Rock 'n Road 700x43 tires on this boat somewhere between Kobe and Oakland California.
This Shipment will include a limited number of Blackwall Rock 'n Road tires - call now if you want to reserve some.  They should be in our shop in about 30 days.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Blackwall Rock 'n Road tires on their way

Everyone who has used them call them the "Best Gravel Grinder Tire" around.
We have some Blackwall Tires on their way to California.
I should have them in stock the end of May 2013.
There is a limited quantity for the first shipment, but, we will get more.
They are exactly the same as the Skinwall 700x43c Folding Bead tires, which I have a good stock of currently.
Anyone who wants to order the Blackwall ones can reserve some by calling the shop (707) 762-5601.
They are not available on our store until they arrive.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

O.G.G. 25 (Original Gravel Grinder 25th Aniversary)

We've been hearing a lot lately about various Gravel Grinder races happening in 2013.  The Almanzo 100 , Dirty Kanza, Trans-Iowa, and seemingly dozens more popping up every day signal the growing popularity of the rough-road endurance racing format.  

The ideal bike for a Gravel Grinder is a fat-tired, drop-barred, lightweight bike.  A bike that is equally at home on rock and on road.  Did you say Rock 'n Road?

That's right, the same Rock 'n Road bike we have been building and refining since 1988.  The same bike that we built to run our 700x43c Rock 'n Road tires.  The celebrated Rock 'n Road, which is 25 years old this year.

We are going to celebrate 25 years of the Rock 'n Road with a limited run of numbered, signed 25th Anniversary Rock 'n Road bicycles.  We will produce only 10 of these.
The 25th Anniversary Rock 'n Road frames will be made right here in the shop, using the same geometry we've been using for the past 25 years.  The only changes we've made are to rear spacing (which is now a modern 135mm) and the headtube, which is now 1⅛" threadless.  Forks will be built with the snazzy Pacenti bi-plane lugged fork crown.

The 25th Anniversary frames will come standard with our Signature Rust powdercoat.  Other powder coat colors are available for an upcharge.  The frames will be expertly TIGged.  Fillet brazing is also available for an upcharge.  Please note, the Rock 'n Road is different from the RnR Tour.  Its shorter chainstays are ideal for nimble handling and especially good for Gravel Grinding.

Signed, numbered 25th Anniversary Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Road frames will cost $1988.  We'll include a pair of awesome Rock 'n Road tires to get you Grinding. 

Call Bruce Gordon, the O.G., at the shop to order your Rock 'n Road, the O.G.G. (Original Gravel Grinder) today.  First ten orders get the limited, signed 25th Anniversary frames.  707.762.5601.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Partner Wanted

I would never have thought of doing this before the Internet changed what I know about how successful businesses are run.
Bruce Gordon Cycles began in June 1976 and has been profitable ever since.
This year I will be 65 years old, and am currently doing almost everything myself, except the welding, bike assembly and wheel building.

What I want to do is what I’m good at - design and aesthetics.

What I need to do is find someone to do what I’m not good at – Marketing, Sales and IT.

Over the past 37 years Bruce Gordon Cycles has made many different things; Lugged Steel Frames, Fillet Brazed Frames, TIG welded frames in Titanium and Steel, Lugged Titanium frames, Titanium Lugged Carbon frames, Pannier Racks, Stems, Seatposts, Cantilever Brakes, Toe Clips, Titanium Frame Pumps, Taillights, Panniers, & Tires (the first big 700c tires in the US in 1988)

Today marketing is all-important.

I believe the only way to be successful making high end products in the USA (things that people want) is to sell direct to the consumer and via the internet. 

Goals for the future
I’m hoping to find someone to help with the internet stuff – Marketing, Sales, Web Pages, Blogs, Facebook, etc. and to help out with Events, Shows, and a Weekly Ride starting at our shop in Petaluma.

I want to build a “Boutique Bike Shop” featuring our products and other accessories which will incorporate a display of my collection of every bike and frame I have made for myself dating back to 1974.

I’m not looking for someone who wants to learn to build frames - there are plenty of experienced people available.

I have many ideas for new products, but no time or $$$ to develop and implement them.

I want to manage design and manufacturing.

There are 3 positions that I’m not flexible on.

• I come with the business.

• Made in USA.

• Products sold direct to the consumer and via the Web.

I’m looking for a Partner, someone that compliments my skills.  I make stuff - They market it.

This is an excellent opportunity for a “Performance Oriented Person” with potential of an Equity Position in Bruce Gordon Cycles. New Person will be a Partner. How is it structured? I’m open to your ideas.

Regards, Bruce Gordon