Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Products at Bruce Gordon Cycles

I have added a New Model to my line of Strapless Toe Clips.

After riding my new Towne Bike with the White Industries pedals and my Stainless Clips, I noticed that the "High Toe Box" shoes I wear to work (Keen Austins) were too tall in the toe to comfortably fit the Stainless Strapless Clips.

So, I made some clips with a bigger radius at the front to accomodate the larger toed shoes.

I call them my "Boot Clips"

See the pictures below

They are the same price as the Standard Clips - $72 + shipping and handling

Click on images for larger view

Also - the "Cool Bullet Tail Lights" are back in stock - and they are improved.
Previous models were meant to mount on the left side of the bike.                   
Now, they can be mounted on either right or left side, and have the same appearance.

The cost is the same $38 + shipping and handling  (only one shipping charge when you order several items)

Click on image for larger view

The Bruce Gordon Cantilever Brakes are back in stock (both versions), and they are less expensive
$299.00 for 2 wheels with Linkwires + shipping and handling.

They will be the subject of my next Blog Post - along with pictures. 
So, bookmark this page and check back.
Also, our new Web Page is getting closer to being ready.

Bruce Gordon

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