Friday, August 19, 2016

Bike Rides Good - Bike Crashes - Bad

 It has been almost a week since my bike accident.  It will be a long road to recovery.  I am so in debt to Tim Nicholls (Bruce Gordon Cycles - New Employee  &  Mechanic)  He is really keeping things going at the Shop and helping me as I am trying to recover from my accident, but it will be between 4 to 6 months.
I hope to be in a wheelchair next week and be able to wheel down to the shop and oversee things.
Until then Tim is taking care of me and the shop - and is doing a Great Job and I am forever in debt to him and his wife Rebecca.

Tires are in stock as well as other products, and Tim is shipping them out as fast as usual.  He is doing Repairs and as well as other stuff including Sales at the Shop - so if you have any questions,  please give him a call at the Shop - (707) 762-5601.
If he is unable to answer your questions - he will ask me and get back to you.  At this time I am not taking any New Frame orders until I get back to normal - hopefully soon.

Tim is riding his New Gravel Grinder Bruce Gordon bike with Tubeless Mounted Rock 'n Road Tires.   This bike was reviewed on our blog at -


  1. So you are crash testing you stuff now...

  2. Sorry to hear you’re retiring, I’m getting ready to strip down my Rock n Road Tour that I purchased from you back around 1990 and have it repainted since it has been sitting in my warehouse for about twenty years or so while I sailed the Bahamas and the Caribbean.
    I road the bike exclusively for about 6 years or so back then, the bike fit me like a glove.
    I purchased a new set of tires from you about 4 or 5 months ago I hope to be back on the road in about a month.
    I’m warming up using a Dahon folding bike that I purchased in 1983.
    Good luck on your new trike.
    Gregory Lentini
    San Juan PR
    Tel 939-239-2180


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