Friday, January 16, 2015

The first of a series on Bruce Gordon's personal Bikes through the years.

This is the first in the series about my collection of bikes. This collection includes every bike I have made for myself since 1974.  They will not be in chronological order, but they are all on display above my storefront.  The collection is about 24 bikes and 5 frames spanning 1974 to present. All with the “State of the Art” parts at the time it was built.  All but one have the original paint jobs

The first one I have chosen is a Road Bike I made December 1981.

    The parts came off a road frame, which is also on display from 1977. It is a first generation Campagnolo Super Record equipped bike, (patent.77) on the rear derailleur. I swapped out the Super Record pedals and bottom bracket, because people where breaking the titanium ones. The wheels are the Blue Mavic S.S.C. Sew Up rims that where about $250 wholesale a pair in 1981. Wow!!!  

    The picture included is of Jim Merz, Mark Dinucci, and myself going for a ride in Portland in the early 80s. I’m the one in the back on this bike.  Merz is in the center and Dinucci on the right.

     About the frame:  65cm (center to center) seat tube, 73 head angle, 73 seat angle, 58cm (center to center) top tube, 42cm chain stays, 4.6cm rake, 7.5cm drop.
It was built with Columbus SP Tubing, with a 19/22 gauge Reynolds seat tube, 6 speed and was the second frame built in December of 1981. 

    I used Henry James Lugs and Fork Crown, and has my own stainless details on the lugs. It was the first pink bike that Les Lunas (my painter at the time) painted for me. The pink color was Dupont Imron from the auto paint store who matched a pair of shoes for the owner of the Chevy dealer.  She wanted her Corvette painted to match her shoes. That’s actually the case, it became my deal color, racers who wanted a deal on a bike would have to have it painted pink so people would notice. 


  1. Absolute perfection ! I have seen the picture above of you , Merz & DiNucci many of times and now to know that the pink bike above is "the" bike ! That is just so cool to know, Thanks for sharing !

  2. Yes - it is the same bike as the one in the picture or Merz, and Dinucci
    Bruce Gordon


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