Saturday, December 8, 2012

Green Monstercross

After the red monstercross bike came back from testing, Bruce decided he wanted to build himself a monstercross bike similar to the red one, using the same methods and materials.  Before too long, presto: the Green Monster was born. 

Double Plate Fork Crown?  Check.  (Pacenti Paris-Brest model)

Bilaminate (meaning both lugged and fillet brazed) construction?  You bet.

Curvy seat stays and chain stays?  Absolutely.

Custom black anodized BG cantilevers?  Indeed.

Our own Rock 'n Road 700x43 gumwall tires? Hell yes. 

And the custom-built-by-Shimano-just-for-us long-cage Dura-Ace derailleur?  Yep.

After riding the Green Monster, Bruce remarked, "It rides like a bike."  That's high praise coming from Bruce Gordon. 

If you're interested in having us build a custom Monster of your own, call the shop at 707.762.5601 or email Bruce at  If you'd like your own RnR Tires, you can get them here. We can also make black anodized BG cantis for you, but it'll cost a little extra.  The Red Monster is still available, check it out here.  

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