Thursday, May 17, 2012

The "Perfect" Bike Comes Back from Cyclocross Magazine

Everyone once and a while you build a bike that stands out as a little bit better. Not just better brazing or paint, but one that sums up the reason you started building bikes to begin with - that elusive "Perfect" bike. While no bike is perfect, this one is pretty damn good. So damn good that I almost had to wrestle this fillet brazed  "Monster Cross" Bruce Gordon bike back from Andrew Yee, Editor of Cyclocross Magazine (who has lovingly had it in his possession for...a while).

He said it was the "Perfect" bike for him, and was sorry he didn't have the money to buy it.

Now that we have it back, we've decided to put it up for sale. Spec'd as is, this bike would set you back a cool $5700.

You can steal buy this one after a short road test for $4500 - It is super clean, and barely used.

Details are as follows:

Frame - Fillet Brazed Bruce Gordon Frame & Stem  Chrome Moly .8 x .5 x .8 tubeset
Drivetrain - Shimano Ultegra Derailleurs front & rear with STI Levers, CX70 Crankset
Headset - Cane Creek Classic 100  -  1"
Brakes - Bruce Gordon Cantilevers
Wheels - White Industries MI5 Hubs, Mavic Open Pro Rims, Bruce Gordon Rock ‘n Road Tires
Seat  Post - WTB Speed-V Gel, Kalloy Uno Seatpost

Frame Dimensions

Frame Size center to center  -  51cm, Frame Size if it had a Level Top Tube  -  57.5cm
Effective Top Tube (Level) center to center  - 57cm
Angles - 72 degree Head  - 73 degree Seat
Chainstay - 43.5cm
Quill Stem - 11cm -  11 degree rise 26.0 Clamp

If you are interested or have any questions, please give me a call - (707) 762-5601


  1. Dang, I didn't know it was such a beautiful bike....excellent work all around-fillet brazed stem no less!It is a steal.


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