Thursday, December 13, 2012


On January 19th, Old Caz will kick off the fifteenth annual Grasshopper Adventure Series.  For those of you who have never participated in it, Old Caz is an epic mixed-terrain "training ride" that follows some of West Sonoma County's finest backroads, fireroads and trails.  Some of the strongest riders in the area show up to compete, but it's also a great opportunity for laid-back non-racers to enjoy riding little-seen routes with the pros and the proles.

Bikes of all types show up, but the consensus seems to be that fat-tired road and cross bikes are the name of the game.  For some Grasshopper rubber we suggest using the Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Roads, which are fast-rolling on the paved sections, grippy on the dirt and mud.  They're even good creek-crossing tires.  

We hope to see you on January 19th in Occidental.


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