Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Show Bikes on the Horizon - NAHBS Update

Oh my - it has been a little while since our last visit. But things are picking up here in the BG Cycles shop. We have 4 lugged framesets to build for the NAHBS show - which is about the amount that Ed and I figured we could safely complete before the show. We don't exactly want to pull our hair out trying to finish these things up at the last minute. Not that we don't like excitement, we're just not sure if what hair we have would grow back (and I'm not volunteering to find out).

Ed and I had lunch yesterday to discuss our plan of attack for these new bikes. The one we're most excited about (ok - we're excited about all of them) is a cool resto-mod concept showcasing a new line of Italian drive train components. While we can't let all the cats out of the bag just yet, our marketing whiz kid made us promise to take pictures along the way. Not sure if its because he has a weird bike obsession or wants us to share them (the pictures, not the obsession) with you. Call them teasers if you will.

In Other News...
We have finally put together a mailing list! Not the old fashioned newsletter in the mail kind of newsletter, the digital kind (I'm old, give me a break). We haven't actually written the first newsletter, but there will be one in the future. If we're motivated, you might see one (as in single) a month. So no worries about email spam. You can sign up at the bottom of any page on If I can figure out how to add a sign up link to the blog, I'll do that too.

Last But Not Least...
Happy 2012! We are the lucky few that get to experience the ending of the Maya Long Calendar. Some are taking this beautifully out of context to suggest the end of the modern world. Whatever. All I know is it's January and I'm still riding my bike to work (though it's a bit cold most mornings). No matter what you believe, make sure to spend some more time this year planted in the saddle of your lovely bike(s). That is a good thing for everyone.

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