Monday, December 5, 2011

Custom Lugged Frames Are Back & Ed Litton Lends a Hand

In preparation for the new year, friends of BG Cycles and myself have been discussing in great detail new offerings for 2012. Being a small company, we can't stretch ourselves too thin. But after much discussion with my dear friend Ed Litton, we have decided to join together and produce a new line of lugged and fillet brazed bikes. Why lugs and fillet brazing? It pays homage to the classic methods of frame building that we cut our teeth on, as well as makes a lugged Bruce Gordon bike more accessible to the public. Not that they weren't previously, but we understand that not everyone has $7000-$10,000 to spend on a bike.

These new Fillet Framesets will start at $2800. All will be custom sized/fit for each customer - no off the shelf sizing here. All framsets include the following standard options:
  • Custom Lugged or Fillet brazed steel frame and fork designed around your personal dimensions and riding needs. (Road, Track, Touring, Cross, etc)
  • Matching Lugged crown fork (an optional Carbon Fork is available)
  • Standard racing braze-ons included (water bottle mounts, cable mounts, etc).  Additional brazeons available as options.
  • A single color Ed Litton paint job. If you have seen any of my show bikes, you know Ed can lay down paint with the best.
  • Customer choice of the classic 1" threaded Steerer or 1 1/8" threadless.
Being a custom frame, the sky is the limit with additional options - we can discuss your specific needs. If you want a complete bike, we can do that too.  Final cost will depend on additional frame options and the components selected. We'll post some build kit examples to give you an idea of pricing on whole bikes.

Guess What - It Gets Better!

To celebrate this new collaboration between Ed and I, the first frames will be on display at the 2012 North American Hand Built Bike Show in Sacramento.  If you want one of these show bikes to call your own, please order before January 1st 2012 to ensure that we can complete them before the show. Be sure to watch our custom bike page, as the new bike options will be added soon. We are so excited about this that we needed to leak it to our ever so faithful blog followers first.

How to Order 

Being old farts (and the fact the two of us are probably the slowest typers in North America), email is not an efficient way to communicate with us.  All custom frame and bike orders will be taken over the phone. There are too many details that we feel will get lost in trying to communicate via email. Give the shop a call @ 707-762-5601 (I actually answer the phone too). Deposits are the $500 on frames or $1000 on complete bikes with the balance due upon completion.

Questions? Ask Away!

Bruce Gordon & Ed Litton


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