Thursday, January 12, 2012

STOP! In the Name of Fenders...

Sometimes we listen to the signs that life presents us. Sometimes we don't. Actually, most of the time we don't, this is the bike business you know.

Despite this rather dry winter we've had out in CA (complaining? Hell no..), I can say that Bruce's full fendered road bike creation is ready for the rainy season, with style. I mean just look at it...

Speaking of looking - you should have seen the look on the face of the dude riding a new Look and getting passed, on a climb, by some dude riding a steel bike with full fenders and big 28mm tires. Bragging about my riding ability (it never hurts) - not really - just another confirmation that a properly designed and comfortable bike means more than the marketing guru's want you to believe. I heard that this year's color scheme is faster than last years - and some how it's stiffer and more comfortable too. Wait - what are we talking about again??

Either way, it doesn't matter. And that's the point of this post. Bruce was spot on when he asked me how it rode - "Like a bike, eh?". Tongue in cheek -  maybe. But the more I ride this road special, the more I realize the beauty of a bike that rides, well, like a bike. You forget about the bike and enjoy the ride. The bike is a quiet, humming extension of your body.

Bruce Gordon knows how to build a bike - a useful, comfortable and enjoyable bike that turns its share of heads and rides like a bike should. And for that I cannot thank him enough.
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