Friday, June 22, 2012

An Update on Tires...and Why We Love Customs

First Things First - Some News About Tires

Some of you may have pre-ordered the Rock 'n Road tires (if you haven't, you can go here to check them out). We estimated they would be here around the first week of June, but that was only half correct. They are currently sitting in customs in Southern California and should be cleared by next week (hopefully). In the meantime, we're going to keep the free freight going until we have the tires in hand. We apologize for the hold up, but it's out of our hands at this point. In the meantime, check out the review on All Hail the Black Market.

Rock 'n Road Tire

Second Things Second - Some News About Bikes

Cyclecross Magazine loved our fillet brazed cross bike and so do we. So much so that we're going to be doing more fillet brazed frames - the seamlessness of brazed joints is just beautiful. We'll be bringing this red bike (and a few others) to Oakland in July for a ride around Lake Merritt. Details will follow so you can put it on your calendar. Count your pennies too - we'd like one of you to take this red bike home - we have too many bikes at the shop anyway.

That's all the updates that we have from the shop right now - hope you're enjoying this weather as much as we are.

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