Thursday, November 15, 2012


Here is a classic Italian-American beauty made with vintage lugs and tubing from the golden era of cycling.  Bruce dialed the time machine back to 1979 and retrieved a stamped wave-shaped Cinelli lugset and Columbus SL tubing.  When he made it back to 2012, Bruce designed and built a roadbike with a touch of the past and a bit of the present. 


Cinelli lugs before: 

Cinelli + Bruce Gordon lugs after:

 This bicycle was built to accommodate a modern 130mm spaced rear wheel, so you don't have to get in a time machine to find period correct parts- in fact, we think it would look (and ride) great if you were to deck it out in modern components.  The geometry is designed for comfortable, all-day riding.  

Specs are below.

54cm Center to Center Seat Tube
54.5cm Center to Center Top Tube

73˚ Head Tube angle
73˚ Seat Tube angle
42cm Chainstays


This frame is currently for sale for $3000.  That's $800 less than our going rate for a custom frame with cutout lugs, and it comes with a very snazzy silver Ed Litton paint job.  Call the shop if you have any questions: (707) 762-5601. 


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  2. I have seen that frame in person-it is perfect. There's nothing in recent memory that I have seen that can top the quality of the work.


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