Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Guess We Were Found Out at NAHBS

The NAHBS show - a place where bike nerds aficionados old and new get together for more visual stimulation of the bike glands than they will have for the next twelve months. Fueled by coffee, the lingering smell of almost wet paint and the occasional sandwich from the Mr. Pickle's around the corner, the public pounded us with their questions and stories of bikes loved and lost.

And contrary to expectation, Bruce was nice to people. For the whole weekend...
Ed Litton, Bruce Gordon, Wes Williams & Gary Fisher chatting it up

But there was some other excitement hanging around the Bruce Gordon booth. Not only did we sell a load of SOPWAMTOS shirts and give away almost a thousand (as in 1,000) stickers,
we also got a little mention in Cyclocross Magazine for this little surprise:
What is that you might ask? A preview of the re-release of the original Rock 'N Road tire. For you lovers of fat, do it all tires for your 700c bike - the original off-road 29er tire is back. Made by Panaracer, and sized at 700x43c, the real deal should be ready for public consumption around the end of April June.
And this isn't just any tire, but one designed by some guy named Joe Murray. Rumor has it he may know a thing or two about tires and dirt.
Joe Murray with a signed copy of his tire design - courtesy

There was much more from the show than this, but to be honest, we're still a bit wiped out from the whole thing. Watch in the next few days (weeks) as we mention more cool stuff from another fun show.


  1. Nice! I'm excited to pick up a set of Rock and Road tires when they're available. Also looking forward to seeing what else was taken to NAHBS. I saw a peek of a blue road bike with deep carbon wheels and saw the Bicycle Times shoot of the silver lugged frame set. Post up details soon!

    1. Check back in the AM, we're releasing some tire info first thing tomorrow.

  2. I was so inspired by your display, I am building my Joe Bell painted BG road up full Dura Ace 7402. Pics will be forwarded when finished. It's the same color as the blue one with carbon wheels.

  3. The 700x43 dirt tire is awesome! Any chance you would make a 650bx43 also?


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