Saturday, January 15, 2011

Introducing the BLTownie

Look!  The BLT!

As you can see, Bruce tweaked the build on this BLT to transform it into a citybike. We took it for a spin through downtown by the Petaluma River and we were both satisfied to discover just how versatile the BLT is.

It is clearly a Touring Bike, built for going long distances and carrying heavy loads.  But throw on some fenders, a more upright bar/stem combo, perhaps a fancy wooden box for a front basket*, and you have a nimble and functional grocery-getter, errand-runner, or everyday commuter.

This is a great solution for those of us who are seeking an affordable everything-bike.  Take the BLT on a day-, week-, or month-long vacation.  When you get back, take the BLT to the coffeeshop, on a country ramble, or perhaps for some light trail riding.

The BLT Deal still stands, regardless of how long your trip may be:
$750 (+ shipping & handling) for frame, fork, headset, stem, and Bruce Gordon front and rear Tubular Racks (made at our shop in California). 

The bike in the video included the Parts Package:
$975 (+ shipping & handling)  for Shimano SLX parts Group with XT Hubs, pedals and cages not included.

The BLT is made in Taiwan to our specs – tubing, drop outs, geometry and construction are
the same as the Rock ‘n Road Tour we have been making for over 23 years.  

* Thanks to Jason at Vine & Barrel for the snazzy wooden box.  His website is

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