Thursday, January 24, 2013

Partner Wanted

I would never have thought of doing this before the Internet changed what I know about how successful businesses are run.
Bruce Gordon Cycles began in June 1976 and has been profitable ever since.
This year I will be 65 years old, and am currently doing almost everything myself, except the welding, bike assembly and wheel building.

What I want to do is what I’m good at - design and aesthetics.

What I need to do is find someone to do what I’m not good at – Marketing, Sales and IT.

Over the past 37 years Bruce Gordon Cycles has made many different things; Lugged Steel Frames, Fillet Brazed Frames, TIG welded frames in Titanium and Steel, Lugged Titanium frames, Titanium Lugged Carbon frames, Pannier Racks, Stems, Seatposts, Cantilever Brakes, Toe Clips, Titanium Frame Pumps, Taillights, Panniers, & Tires (the first big 700c tires in the US in 1988)

Today marketing is all-important.

I believe the only way to be successful making high end products in the USA (things that people want) is to sell direct to the consumer and via the internet. 

Goals for the future
I’m hoping to find someone to help with the internet stuff – Marketing, Sales, Web Pages, Blogs, Facebook, etc. and to help out with Events, Shows, and a Weekly Ride starting at our shop in Petaluma.

I want to build a “Boutique Bike Shop” featuring our products and other accessories which will incorporate a display of my collection of every bike and frame I have made for myself dating back to 1974.

I’m not looking for someone who wants to learn to build frames - there are plenty of experienced people available.

I have many ideas for new products, but no time or $$$ to develop and implement them.

I want to manage design and manufacturing.

There are 3 positions that I’m not flexible on.

• I come with the business.

• Made in USA.

• Products sold direct to the consumer and via the Web.

I’m looking for a Partner, someone that compliments my skills.  I make stuff - They market it.

This is an excellent opportunity for a “Performance Oriented Person” with potential of an Equity Position in Bruce Gordon Cycles. New Person will be a Partner. How is it structured? I’m open to your ideas.

Regards, Bruce Gordon            


  1. No doubt a great opportunity for the right person. The timing is just a bit off for me and my finishing out my teaching career or I would be completely be on this. Best of luck. RR

  2. Did you find a partner or are you still accepting applications?

    1. Give me a call at the shop (707) 762-5601 after 9:30 California time


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