Friday, June 10, 2016

14th in a Series of Bruce Gordon's Personal Bikes

It has been almost 9 months since I last posted the 13th in a Series, so I thought I would add another to the list.  This is a Steel Frame I made for the NAHBS Show in 2007.  It Won the "Best in Show" award that year.
It was made in January 2007 of tubing from different Manufacturers - Columbus, Reynolds, and Taiwan.  It has lugs I made out of ChromeMoly 4130 Tubing with the Wave Shaped Design that I have been doing for nearly 40 years, and a Pacenti Fork Crown.
The parts are from Shimano, a Bruce Gordon Titanium Pump, a Titanium Seatpost I made to fit the Old Campagnolo 2 Bolt parts.  The racks are also Bruce Gordon tubular Titanium.  It has 1 of 3 Sets of Bruce Gordon Titanium Cantilevers (I own 2 sets - the 3rd belongs to a guy in San Francisco), Bruce Gordon Carbon Fenders & a Brian Baylis Paint Job (he passed away earlier this year - I miss him a lot).
The Geometry on the frame is:  72.5 degree Head Tube,  73 degree Seat Tube, 4.8cm Fork Rake,  61cm Seat Tube, and a 58.5cm Top Tube,  43.5cm Chainstays and 7.5 cm Drop.
It is on display with the rest of my Collection of Bikes at my shop - You are welcome to visit the shop and see my collection, but, please call ahead because I'm not always here.


  1. Looking at the geometry numbers I guess that this is an insanely nice handling bike. The fact that it looks incredible is just over-the-top impeccability. Is that a word ?

  2. Keep the ball rolling you have done the great job here.

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