Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Eighth in a Series of Bruce Gordon's Personal Bikes

This is the first Touring Bike I made for myself in June 1979.  That was back when frames all had level top tubes, 180mm Seatposts, and Down Sloping Stems so everyone rode a much larger frame.
This was the First Low Rider rack I made, along with a matching Low Rider Rear Rack.

The bike Originally had Eclipse Panniers & and Campagnolo Nuovo Record Parts.

The Front Low Racks are much the same design to this day.

The lugs are Old Stamped Steel Cinelli - the Bottom Bracket & and Fork Crown are Cinelli investment castings.  It is built with Columbus SP tubing and a 4130 Chromoly Seat Tube.

This is a very old version of the "Wave Shaped Cut Outs" which I still do today.
The frame was initially painted by Les Lunas of the Miracle Paint Co. - it was restored to original paint by Ed Litton Cycles.

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  1. wow! beautiful work , i love the rear rack lowrider design.


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