Friday, February 6, 2015

Fourth in a Series of Bruce Gordon's Personal Bikes

    For the fourth of the series, lets jump five years forward to 1993; everyone was running 26-inch wheel Rock Shox. The Mag 21 was the hot setup, so I called Rock Shox and asked if they’d make me some longer legs for the Mag 21 so I could run my Rock ‘n Road 700 x 43mm tires. (These were big 700c tires before 29ers.)  I was told by someone at Rock Shox (It may have been Paul Turner?), that they weren’t interested in 700c, because, all mountain bikes were 26 inch. So because they wouldn’t make a longer Mag 21 leg,  Jeff McWhinney and I made a sloping fork crown and brake arch to fit our 700 x 43 tires.  Jeff McWhinney helped me program our small CNC milling machine to make fork crowns and brake arches for Mag 21s.

(Our small Milltronics CNC milling machine, with a couple fork crowns on the bed)

     Wes Williams, who at that time was working for Ibis, and I made two titanium frames - one for each of us. He was welding titanium for Ibis at that time, but these were the first 700c Rock Shox bikes he built. After riding the Hell Out of that bike, He later went on to become Willets bikes, and he was one of the first people to promote big tire 700c tires, that went on to become 29ers.

The bike was made out of 1.25 inch top tube and seat tube and 1.5 inch down tube, 1 inch steerer and a fork crown and brake arch we made out of 7075 aluminum and Mag21 Rock Shox legs.

It is 55cm center-to-center Seat Tube, 57.5 center-to-center Top Tube,
 43.5 cm Chain Stays. 7cm Drop, 70.5º Head Angle and 73º Seat Angle, and 4.32 Rake.

It had early eight speed Shimano XTR derailleurs, cassette, cantilever brakes, and cranks with very rare Paragon titanium chain rings. The wheels had early White Industry hubs, Mavic M261 rims with 1st generation Rock ‘n Road tires,  steel chicken neck stem, Dean Titanium Seat Post and SR anatomic Modolo Patent bend bars.


  1. Absolutely perfect , Light years ahead of its time ! Thanks for sharing

  2. This one's my favorite of the bunch. It's such an artful machine.Keep up the good work.

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