Sunday, April 8, 2012

A New Bike, A New Tire, & Some Love From Our Friends

This fillet brazed beauty isn't just another BG bike. It's a bit of a look back in time and a view of the future. You see, back before the 29er movement or the more common Monster Cross bikes, Bruce Gordon Bikes had been building fat tired bikes that were trail capable. And this beautiful red ride is sporting the rereleased Rock 'n Road tire - the original off road tire for 700c bikes.

Now this isn't just a pretty show piece. It has been dropped off with a particular magazine that reviews such things for a long term review of not only the tire, but Bruce's frame design. That's all we can say for now.

Some Love From Our Friends

Our good buddy Stevil over at AHTBM is sporting a set of our new skins and deemed them worthy of a mention:

And we keep being asked - when can we buy tires? Here is the deal - go to, sign up for the newsletter. We're going to be sending out an offer shortly for those willing to pre-order tires. You'll get them before anyone else for less than anyone else. Pretty good deal, 'eh?

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