Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tubes, Lugs & the Road to NAHBS

As mentioned a few long weeks ago, there will be a few frames at the Hand Built show that bear the Bruce Gordon name. The majority of the bikes that will be at the show fall into the 'affordable' category - meaning they are real bikes that can be ridden by real people and don't require you to sell a kidney to buy one. Not saying we won't bring one or two classics along that might require such a transaction... Maybe you might see one featured in the video below:

But we're getting way off course, now aren't we?
The point of this post was to give you a sneak peak at the cool new frames that will be at the show.

Are you ready??

Here you go:

Guess the good news is there is still another month until the show. Someone threw away the assembly instructions for these things - not sure if any of us can figure out how to put these things together...

Until then - keep the wheels spinning. And don't forget to come visit the Bruce Gordon Cycles booth at the show, we promise to be fun. Really.

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