Sunday, October 23, 2011

Making a Splash at Pedalfest

First off, want to thank everyone that dropped by the custom bike area of PedalFest yesterday. We met some great people and chatted bikes with people of all walks of life. Met a couple interesting Bruce Gordon bike owners too. One gentleman had ridden his Rock 'N Road touring bike well over 100,000 miles(!) having purchased it new in 1993. Said the frame and racks are still kicking like they did on the day he bought it. Another gentleman is still rocking a custom lugged Bruce Gordon from 1978!
PedalFest also brought about the reemergence of SOPWAMTOS. The lab coats, Fez's and a Golden Toity made an appearance for the show. Bruce and Sean (Soulcraft) even had some shirts made up for the event. They are available in limited quantities, so grab them now while they're still available. Printed on very soft and very black American Apparel shirts, you can profess your love for SOPWAMTOS for $20!

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